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Bondable Single Buccal Tube

  • DTC

Bondable Roth/Edgewise Buccal tube(orthodontic buccal tube) single with mesh
Made from fine medical stainless steel.
First molar and second molar
DTC Orthodontic buccal tube are:
1.    Roth/Edgewise weldable non-convertible single buccal tube,0.022/0.018
2.    Roth/Edgewise weldableconvertible single buccal tube,0.022/0.018
3.    Roth/Edgewiseweldable double buccal; tube,0.022/0.018
4.    Roth/Edgewise weldable double and triple buccal tube,0.022/0.018
5.    Roth/Edgewise monoblock single buccal tube,0022/0.018
6.    Roth/Edgewise MIM monoblock single buccal tube,0.022/0.018
7.    Roth/Edgewise bondable with mesh single buccal tube,0.022,0.018
8.    Roth/Edgewise bondable with mesh double buccal tube,0.022/0.018
9.    Roth/Edgewise bondable with mesh convertible single buccal tube,0.022/0.018

Laser welding Technology
---Unique in DTC orthodontic factory
Here's How it Works
LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation” which produces a sharp, focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point, allowing users to easily weld 0,05mm (.002”) away from the most complicated and intricate component parts without damaging heat sensitive materials.

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